Frequently asked questions


What is the breast augmentation surgery?

This particular surgery involves the application of prosthesis made of special material (tolerated by the human body) just under the mammary gland or the pectoral muscle.

Briefly, could you describe the different stages of the surgery?

The patient can leave the hospital the day after the surgery. In the next three to four days a localised pain in the pectoral region may be felt but generally easily tolerable.
The stitches are removed after around seven days in which it is required to wear a compressing type bra day and night. For around 15 days it is required to abstain from any physical activity that can be resumed lightly after the fortnight. Sleeping on front is also advisable to naturally massage the prosthesis.

Are there any contraindications regarding breastfeeding after this type of surgery?

Absolutely not.

What cosmetic surgery can do for subjects with sagging breast or excessive in size?

A saggy breast is usually the result of pregnancy, rapid weight loss or simply due to the normal aging process. The breast loses tone and to rejuvenate it we proceed with a surgery called mastopexy. It involves in the repositioning of the mammary gland in the original position, removing the excessive skin. Should the mastopexy be not sufficient to rejuvenate the breast it is possible to perform an additional breast enhancement surgery, adding a prosthesis to better reshape the breast line.

It is true that after the lipoplasty the fat does not come back?

Precisely. Basically after puberty, the number of adipocytes (the cells that contain fat) remains stable. The swelling of the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and all those parts of the body where it is normally localized fat, it is not due to an increase number of adipocytes in the subcutaneous tissue, but rather to their hypertrophy (the swelling). Lipoplasty, which uses thin cannulas (of variable length and with a limit of 4 mm in diameter) connected to an aspirator, involves the absorbing of a certain amount of adipocytes, leaving only what is necessary to support the tissue. Having reduced the number of fat cells, which we cannot regenerate, even in case of hypertrophy, the patient can no longer be accumulate fat in the region affected by the surgery. Basically a potential reserve of fat has been eliminated, leading to a body reshaping.

What is the difference between facial lifting, skin stretching and deep facelift or SMAS lifting?

Deep lifting involves the repositioning of the facial muscles in which the dropping is a direct consequence of the aging process. With this technique we can achieve more natural and lasting results.

Which is the minimum age to undertake an Otoplasty? (For the correction of bat-wing ears).

Otoplasty can be performed from the age of 6-7 years as the development of the ear cartilage is already completed thus preventing the formation of embarrassment for the child at the beginning of the scholar activity.

Are there any precautions after a rhinoplasty?

Avoid direct exposure to the sunlight and the use of heavy glasses. Avoid blowing one’s nose vehemently but instead using a cleansing solution.

What are the advantages in using anatomic prosthesis?

This prosthesis allow for a more natural effect reproducing the shape of the mammary gland. If the old rounded prosthesis allowed only the enhancement in terms of pure size, with the new generation prosthesis it is possible to obtain an enhancement also in terms of shape. Essentially a tailored breast.

When should abdominoplasty be advised if liposuction has not yielded the desired results?

When an excessive weight loss has created skin sagging and excessive skin altogether, it is advisable to proceed with the removing, giving the abdomen the lost shape by plications of the said muscles. In this way it is possible to regain the past figure.



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