Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery

Member of the Order of Physicians and Surgeons 4920 N. Province of Venice

Pier Andrea Cicogna, a plastic surgeon from Treviso, has achieved a classical high degree diploma with honours and graduated with honours in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Padua. After five years at the Institute of Plastic Surgery in Padua, he specialised in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, with an experimental thesis: “Pathophysiology of replacement of the serious burnt”. In 1991, the adventure begins in the United States, where he became an apprentice of Sherrel J.Aston and Daniel Baker, the undisputed masters in the world of face surgery.

For years Dr. Cicogna experiments with new techniques on their side, exploring aesthetic fields considered revolutionary at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. This critical experience which he will repeat several times ultimately in August 1999th, which is useful to master the endoscopy technique.
He then continues his training with various international reputable surgeons. We could not miss the experience in the school in Rio de Janeiro with the great master Ivo Pitanguy, the creator of the art of shaping the body, to see firsthand the philosophy of aesthetics born in Brazil and subsequently landed in Europe in the last decades
But as the States are currently the leading country in the discoveries and developments in the surgical field, a series of courses in North America were essential to put up with the reality of the European avant-garde methodologies.

Hence the choice to go to Dallas in 1993 to Sam T. Hamra, the inventor of the composite facelift; then to Miami in 1994 with Thomas J. Baker, Howard L. Gordon and James M. Stuzin, masters of the “Surgical face rejuvenation”.
And then again with G. Patrick Maxwell in Nashville in 1995, the pioneer of breast reconstruction and John B. Tebbetts, creator of the dimensional approach in the breast augmentation; in 1997 meets Jack H. Sheen in Los Angeles, leading interpreter of modern cosmetic rhinoplasty.

Often interviewed by the most important media, he operates at the most prestigious clinics in the Veneto region, exploiting cutting-edge technology, minimum hospitalisation times and with the safety assistance of a skilful staff


Ordinary Member of the Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery S.I.C.P.R.E

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